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Repairs and Refurbishing

Even with safety guidelines in place and all of the right protective equipment installed, material handling equipment will inevitably get damaged. When this happens, it is absolutely essential to repair or replace the affected structural members to ensure that the stability of the whole system is not compromised, particularly when the damaged component is an upright or frame.

When possible, Headzup strongly recommends that the affected area is cleared of all goods and that the damaged elements are simply swapped out for brand new or refurbished ones. This is almost always faster and more cost-effective than repairing the damaged structure on-site. After the damaged components are removed, we then transport them to our refurbishing facility in New York to be repaired, tested for structural integrity, and refinished. In situations where it is not desirable to remove all of the goods from the damaged racking, repair kits can be installed on-site to provide structural support for the weakened components without disturbing the ongoing operation.


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